The increased adoption and use of mobile devices, such as smart phones, tablets and laptops, is causing significant growth in wireless traffic. As a result, service providers and
enterprises are struggling to address both the increased demands on their networks and the significant investment required to upgrade network capacity and provide ubiquitous wireless connectivity.

At Integrate All we take the guess work out of wireless LAN. Our IT professionals will sell, design, install, configure, manage and support the full range of WIFI products.

Structured wiring is a method of integrating audio, video, data, voice , CCTV and other communication in a well organized easy to understand and systematic way, to provide general solution to your present and future growth.  With digital media and mobile devices this provides a method for sharing all your photos, videos, music and  other media anywhere that's connected to the network. The ideal cost effective pre-wire installation time, when the electrical contractor is pulling their wire through out the site, or prior to the sheet rock going up.  We provide turn key solution from pre wire, trim out (installing face plates) and terminating cable ends to finished  consumer or business electronic products. 

What is Structured Wiring


Beyond wireless telephone systems, wireless UCC technology might also include video conferencing platforms, laptop and desktop computers. 

Flexibility is a priority.

Space is very limited.

Budgets are tight.​

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Separating The Network

You've made the IT infrastructure investment...

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Designing and maintaining a sophisticated enterprise-grade network is a science. Our Team of certified IT professionals is dedicated to engineering a solution that is customized for your needs, keeping  you connected wherever you may roam through out your house or work place. Careful planning is required to ensure optimal performance of your network.

Our process begins with a detailed review of your coverage area at home or at the work place, to determine proper placement of wireless access points. From here we focus on the remaining elements of the networking infrastructure. Attention is paid not only to the wireless extension of your network, but the hardwired network as well. This includes gigabit routing capabilities and distribution of Ethernet switches to key areas in your home or work place.If there are multiple structures on your property, Integrate All can connect them all to one network so that you stay connected wherever you might be.

Digital Foundation of Networking

With new data centers and cloud service cropping up, demand for virtualization 
and network programmability is up. IT managers are looking to SDN to help with:​

  • Web scaling for hosting and support for public cloud.
  • Private and hybrid cloud applications.
  • Network customization and programmability.
  • Security.

SDN Security Considerations

Software Defined Networking (SDN)

 To ensure that your network operates FLAWLESSLY. 
Video Streaming, Video Chat, Lighting, Automation, Shading Automation, CCTV Camera Systems, Streaming Music and Movies or Voice over IP Phone System, Software Define Network(SDN), Big Data, Digital Signs- Integrate All can support it all.

Our Commitment

Log everything

Verify high availability

Verify the connection between the controller and end nodes

Secure controller access

Shaping data traffic

Traffic flow control 


 The Science Of IT

1. Centralized network provisioning. Appropriate to any network segment or link.

2. Holistic enterprise management-allows IT managers to experiment with network configuration without impacting the network.

3. More granular security-security defined networking that appeals most to IT managers

4. Lower operating costs- improvements in server utilization, better control of 

5. Hardware savings and reduced capital expenditures-gives new life to existing network devices.

6. Cloud abstraction-evolving into a unified infrastructure. 

7. Guaranteed content delivery-The ability to shape and control data traffic

Why not add AV 

Benefits of Network AV

  • Unsurpassed video  and audio quality  at bandwidths appropriate to any network segment or link
  • Use standard off the shelf layer 3 switches
  • Use network monitoring software  to track AV endpoints
  • Any source to any display anywhere on the network
  • Standard based IP/IEEE, TCP, UDP,  SNP, Qos and LLDP protocls supoorted
  • Unlimitd scalability​

What is a Software-Defined Network?
A recent ad hoc poll showed that only 10 percent of IT practitioners understand SDN so let’s start by defining it. SDN allows the network administrator to shape network traffic to adapt to the rapidly changing needs of operations without having to reconfigure each switch and router in the network.

Basically, SDN separates the network into two planes: a control plane and a data plane. Abstracting the network architecture makes it easier to optimize each plane. The controller acts as the brains, providing a centralized, abstract view of the overall network making it easier to manage switches and routers to handle data traffic. The data plane forwards the actual data. SDN also includes application programming interfaces (APIs) for all network services and applications so IT managers can automate network services to optimize performance.

7 Advantages of Software Defined Networking